Brian Roman

Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center

“Brian Roman is the complete package.” – The Welland Tribune

Not that long ago, Brian Roman was a salesman with a “9-to-5” job selling insurance and real estate. Although he was successful, he was not fulfilled. One day he did something that most of us would never consider: He followed his dream.

Although he looks like he just walked right off the silver screen Brian Roman is not acting. He’s the real deal – a gifted singer and natural-born entertainer.

Brian committed to doing something every single day that would bring him closer to his dream of a singing career. Six short years later his undeniable talent has him performing worldwide, sharing his passion and reason for being.

It was during one of Brian’s spectacular performances that world-renowned entertainer, Pavlo, was drawn to Brian’s inspiring energy. Pavlo immediately sought to work with Brian to produce an album that could reflect the preeminence of a Brian Roman concert experience.

Brian’s debut album “Dreamer” is set for release in 2013. It features collaborations with illustrious songwriters Marc Jordan, Jody Raffoul and John Capek; in addition to acclaimed musicians Oscar Lopez, George Koller, and Pavlo.

Brian Roman’s album “Dreamer” is the long anticipated answer for a brave man who had the courage to ask “What if?”

Songs from Brian’s set list include tunes made popular by Bobby Daren, Englebert Humperdinck, Tony Orlando, Jim Croce, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Dean Martin, Elvis and many more.